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Ordering Information

You may visit all of our Online Shops combining your purchases into a single PayPal Shopping Cart.  Here's How:
Choose an Online Shop to visit and shop as you normally would, placing all of the items you desire into your PayPal Shopping Cart. 
If you are only visiting one of our Online Shops, you may proceed to checkout when you have finished making your selections. 
If you would like to shop at another one of our other Online Shops, locate the link to Randall Enterprises on the Menu and use the link to return to this web site and select another Online Shop.
Choose the next Online Shop you would like to visit. 
When you find an item you would like to purchase, add it to your PayPal Shopping Cart.  When the PayPal Shopping Cart page appears, you will see all of the items you selected at the previous web site displayed along with the item you just added.
If you are finished shopping at that point, just proceed to checkout.
If there is another Online Shop you would like to visit, click on the Randall Enterprises link on the Menu to return here. 
When you have finished shopping at all of the Online Shops you wish to, click on the Checkout Button in your PayPal Shopping Cart and proceed to the checkout.  All of your purchases will appear in a single cart.
You may add and delete items as you go between Online Shops.  You can pull up your PayPal Shopping Cart from any of our Online Shops.  Just click on any of the View Cart links you will find on all of the merchandise pages and on the Menu.
If you have any questions, just let us know.