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Ordering Information

Ordering Information


What Methods of Payment do you accept? 

We use PayPal's shopping cart and can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Debit cards through PayPal.  ALL ONLINE PURCHASES MUST BE MADE THROUGH PAYPAL.  We are a Verified Business member of PayPal.  If you are not a member of PayPal, you can still purchase from us.  Just follow the instructions given in the Shopping Cart.  Setting up the account is fast and easy and doesn't cost you any money.  You can set up your new PayPal account during checkout.  If you already have a PayPal account, you will be asked to Login during checkout.  Please note that if you are using a credit card and the billing address and shipping address are different, your payment will not be processed by PayPal.  You can contact us by email for special instructions on how to handle this situation if it applies to you.

What if I can't purchase online?  Can you do a Mail Order?

Absolutely!  Just add your items to the shopping cart and print out the cart without completing the PayPal login or write down the items that you want to purchase being sure to include the quantity desired, the item number, the item description and the price.  Mail your order to us and include a US Postal Service Money Order for payment.  Money Orders must be made out to GALE RANDALL.  Personal checks can not be accepted.  Please allow extra time for processing mail orders.

What Shipping Methods do you use and what are the charges?

We reserve the right to determine whether your package ships via the United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service.  Shipping rates start at $7.70.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?
Our Internet sales are completed by traditional mail order methods.  We use many suppliers for the products we offer and do not keep in stock every item we sell.  While we pay for USPS Priority shipping when we can, orders can take up to a week to arrive to us from our suppliers.  You should plan on 1 to 2 weeks from the date you place order until your package arrives.  We are very good at communication and will advise you by email when your package ships.  If you are in a rush for an item, you should email us before using the shopping cart and we will let you know an estimated shipping time before you place your order.  We understand that receiving your goods in a timely manner is important to you.  It is important to us also because we want you to be a regular customer, returning to us again and again.  We have low prices because we've shopped around for the lowest priced suppliers and have chosen to use them even though delivery time may not always be as speedy as we would like. 
Do you accept International orders?
Not at this time.  Many countries have very specific laws pertaining to the importation of herbal products and jewelry so we have elected to limit our sales to customers located within the United States. 
Why Do I Have To Pay Sales Tax?
You will only be charged 7% Sales Tax if you are a resident of the State of North Carolina.  We are a retail business registered with the state and are required to collect sales tax on the items that we sell.  If you do not reside in North Carolina, you will not be charged sales tax.
Do you guarantee your products?
Yes, all of our items are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just let us know and we will be happy to give you a complete refund.  Claims must be made within 10 days of the date of purchase. You may notify us via email of your intention to return an item and we will provide you with a Return Code to include in the package you ship back to us.  The cost of shipping a retuned item to us will be your responsibility.  Shipping costs will not be refunded.  If you paid for your order via PayPal, you will receive a PayPal credit for the cost of the 
item(s) returned.  If you placed your order via mail and paid with a money order, your refund will be sent to you in the form of a money order. 
I have found an item and placed an order but I received an email stating that the item is out of stock. Why does this happen?   
This website and our email are checked for orders throughout the day.  Sold out and back-ordered items are deleted or marked at those times.  Out of Stock items are so marked as soon as we become aware of the absence of an item from the warehouse.  Some of our hand-crafted items (particularly jewelry and rosaries) are one of a kind and therefore there is only one such item in stock.  If you make payment via PayPal for an item that is no longer available, we will refund your payment to your PayPal account after notifying you by email that the item in out of stock.  If you are concerned about whether or not an item is still available, you can always email us before you make your purchase through PayPal and we will verify inventory and email you with an answer on it's availability as soon as possible.

Some of your products look like antiques, are they?

No.  All of our products are new.  We do not sell any antiques whatsoever.  Items that look like antiques are very good modern reproductions.  They are intentionally made to look aged.  The Antique Reproductions in our shop are offered as collectibles, not investments. 

Are your Aromatherapy Products really Hand-Crafted?

Yes. Our blended and handcrafted products are made to order.   

A Special Note About Essential Oil Products:  Please read the safety data included on this site for important information regarding the use of essential oil products.  Not all oils are safe for use by all people.  We make no warranties or claims in regards to the safety of our oils and in using them, you assume full responsibilty for the outcome.  The ingredients used in our products are clearly marked on the website and on the packaging.  You are urged to perform a skin test before using any of these products.  We make no warranties or claims as to the possible sensitivity in some individuals to our products.  In purchasing our products you agree to assume all liabilty for any harm resulting from the use of our products. 

Are your Rosaries, Prayer Beads, and Beaded Jewelry really Hand-Crafted?

Yes. All of our rosaries, chaplets, prayer beads and jewelry items are made one at a time by one person. Even two rosaries of the same type of bead may be slightly different. Minor chips, imperfections, and size variations may exist in the gemstone beads as nature has determined how much or what tint of color is in the stones that are formed into beads.  Glass and plastic beads are more uniform in size and color as they are created by machines.  Minor "flaws" can be found with most hand-crafted items, but they will not affect the usefulness of the item or it's overall beauty.  If you desire a "perfect" piece, you are probably better off to purchase an item made by a factory with equipment capable of producing uniform pieces.  Centerpieces, Cruifixes, Crosses and Medals are used in different combinations as our stock allows. Every effort is made to publish a clear picture of each item offered so you can see exactly what you are getting, but if you purchase the item and are not satisfied, you may return it.  The major difference between our rosaries and jewelry and those of our competitors is in the type of metals used. We offer base metal/oxidized/nickel-silver and gold tone parts which helps us to keep the price of our items low. Sterling Silver and Gold pieces are quite expensive and there are plenty of retailers online who use these parts if you are looking for items of that type.  In the future we may offer a small selection of pieces with pewter or sterling silver parts, but we are not offering these at this time. 

How do I contact you with additional questions or to place an order?

Attn:  Gale Randall
P.O. Box 363
Cherryville, NC  28021
(704) 447-5012